The first week was everything that I expected to be.The lead team did a great job informing me and others what to expct and it helped alot that i've had some experience with the programs we're using. I'm not struggling with too much right now, more so just becoming more familiar with the things i'm being refreshed on. Becoming more effecient I guess you could say. The thing I'm most excited about is allowing my skills to match my imagination. Not letting there be barriers to limit creativity.
I quickly have learned how important Psudeo Coding is. With it, you can create a strategy of how you want to complete a project. Setting up stories, a MoSCow, points per story, and then a logical plan of attack to complete and finish a project. Without it, you can waste so much time thinking of things that you actually need to work on, and you will eventaully run into issues where you will have to back track and refactor code because you didn't anticipate certain issues or lack of functionality on the front end of the project. Psuedo code is crucial to be effective and effecient. We are constantly learning new frameworks, languages, and differetnt ways of thought in the bootcamp. I'm looking forward to being at a high understanding and performance level. Knowing exactly how things need to be done, from whiteboard to an MVP. I'm making my way there.
I love front end development. I'm starting to love backend as well, but my first dose of web development was striclty designing things so I really enjoy going from imagination stage to creation. HTML is of course framing the website and setting the structure, css making things pretty and styled, JS giving it brains and funcitonality. All three go hand in hand when designing the UI and the UX for users, and are highly important for companies to be designers/developers, and businesses to put careful thought about in a age where those two things are so important for developing and maintaining a user base, costumers, and a thriving business.

Refreshing my prior knowledge and learning more about HTML, CSS, and JS was great and I learned alot. I used to really struggle with JS but with the practice and instruction thorugh the program I am way more confident with it. The thing most new to me and most helpful is Psuedo code.It definitely helps me thin through the processes and function that have to happen to acheive the goal and purpose of the programming. I wouldn't say anything has hindered my progress but I will be able to learn much faster with starting full time training and being done with my former job. Asking questions and psuedo code are the two things I'm going to make sure to get better at.
Before this week, I thought I knew alot about design, or at least had an eye for it. But my eyes have been opened. There are alot things that have to be considered and thought through when designing a website. Especially in the times we're in now where filters, easy to make templates, and editing tools are so readibly accessible. Base level design is at a new high. Two things I learned this past week were C.R.A.P principles and the use of white space. Which white space is something I think people tend to beleive they need to get rid of. But looking at examples and comparing it's funny to see how sometimes the more "basic" designs are the best ones. We talked about contrast and how to use it to focus our attention on where it needs ot be. Using repition to tie the website together. Alignment to make text easily readable and to show orginizaiton, giving polished look. Then the importance of proximity and how it creates relationships amongst objects. I really want to continue to develop good design habits as well as intuition to create new fresh design layouts . As a developer and user I want a website to make sense, easily readable, and have a mpressive look. The C.R.A.P principles help acheive that, and also make the coding side of things easier to manage and layout.
This answer is changing almost every 3 days for me because I am consuming so much information. Right now good code to me is code that makes sense to any other devloper that looks at it. It's easy to read, it's not wet repetitive code, and variables and functions fall under great naming conventions. I've learned that projects and functionalites can be created differently and sometimes one may not necessarily be better than anohter. Psuedo coding, knowing how a website needs to work and what it will take to accomplish that on the front end, before coding, will help accomplish great code. This is what great developers do.
JavaScript is amazing. I wish I knew that like 3 months ago, when I was writing out every literal html tag by hand. Creating HTML dynamically by JS is amazing, and it's my new found love lol. I'm learning so much every week on the many different uses of JS and diving deeper in constructing powerful objects and archatecture with it. I'm just getting to a point with JS that I have a sense of freedom and comprehension where I can take any thouht/idea and make it reality. We've only been using vanilla JS, and will shorlty get into frameworks, and I know that's where we will be able to do some really high level work. I'll also have to go back to ground zero of learning something new, but I'm exicted to get back on top of the mountain with React.js and be able to pull of some really cool things.
I am really enjoying learning about frameworks/libaries and there capabailites. They are so powerful once you learn how to use them and their built in magic methods. They are hard to use at first, but only because I've never used them before. That's just like anything else in life. After getting the time in, I definitely see how great they will be, not only for building great products/programs but doing so with great effeciency. We are starting React.js for front end devlopment, and later using Laravel for backend PHP. I'm excited to see the work we are able to accomplish with them. Some other one's I'd be interested in learning are Flutter and Drupel. I have friends that use them frequently and have said alot of great things about them.
I love it. We just finished a project and my design/UI/UX for a website has never been better. It's very powerful and does some cool things. Pulling in modules, makes it easier to communicate between components and get's you thinking more about the atomic design of your websites. With React, Psuedo coding/Atomic design is becoming more important because understanding the elements of your website and how things should relate to one another dectates how you should build and design your components. And making components that are re usable is something that is an art and is a great thing to get better at doing.
This week was my first week ever dealing with true back end, and I must say, I like it. It seemed daunting at first, I think just because of never dealing with it and it sounded hard, but from learning basic vanilla JS to where we are now as prepped us to make a smooth transition over to the server. The one thing I like is pulling information from a DB to then store into, let's say a blog post. Right now I'm typing this post in Visual Studio, i'll later refactor, but I would love to populate my posts by typing way less code and to have my post be generated by pulling them in from mySQL. I'm just a week into this new backend world, so I don't know much in the grand scheme of things, but I can already see the uses and how great it is to use. All I need is a few more weeks of understanding how things link, work, and how to set things up effeciently. Then I see myself using the full stack as much as possible when working on projects/websites.
It's amazing to see how much myself and others in my bootcamp have grown the past 9 weeks. When brainstorming a web app, I would not have said; 1. Let's psuedo code and think of my different personas that will make my website UI/UX most effective, and not just something I will like. And then let's create my stories so I know exactly what my wesbite is going to need, and then I can set up a point system on those so I can have a great strategy to get all of them done. 2. Let me wireframe my different views so I don't waste time cowboy coding, and then I can know my atomic design that way I can set up great components and know how things are going to be linked in my code. 3. Let's think of how we can set things up so I'm least repetitve as possible. No wet code. 4. Make sure I have good naming conventions so when I have a question, or someone needs to review my code, they can easily understand what's going on. There's alot more that I could add to this list, but I've now been taught how to have high computational thinking and great coding habits. I don't know everything, but I've been taught how to learn, and learn on my own. To ask the right questions and to find the answers. Right now my biggest struggle would be with Laravel and the server side of programming, but that's because I've only been doing that for 1 week. I know day by day, my comfortability and knowledge will grow. It's awesome to be able to look back just a couple of months ago and to see this amazing progression that myself and my fellow cohort members have seen. I'm exicted to learn more of what I don't know, and to build amazing products for amazing people/companies.